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Energy leadership isn't just about saving money—though two-fifths of companies investing in advanced energy solutions have seen significantly reduced energy costs. Energy leaders are gaining a competitive edge by investing in distributed energy solutions.

We surveyed over 1,000 energy decision makers to analyze their energy performance. We found that the leaders were:

  • More than twice as likely to be a leading brand in their market
  • Two and a half times as likely to have strong financials
  • Nearly three times as likely to be prepared to deal with risks

Are you an energy leader? We've built this interactive tool to show you how you're doing against your peers, and give you some advice on how to up your game.

We found that the leaders—those not just doing well now, but also best positioned to cope with future challenges—excelled at two factors:

  • Vision: They had a clear view of how they can improve their management of energy and are able to anticipate their future energy demands.
  • Execution: They were also good at implementing good energy practices, minimizing the business risk of energy and making the most of energy efficiency opportunities.

We grouped companies into four bands—from least to most advanced—based on their scores.

If you answer a few more questions we'll be able to show you how you're doing.

Your performance

We can work with you to improve your operational efficiency, reduce your business risk and strengthen your business vision.

  • Read the Energy Advantage Report for practical steps you can take now. Get our tips on formalizing your energy plan, building your team and creating a compelling business case.
  • Consider the energy services below—based on your answers, we think these could improve your leadership score.
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Implementing these solutions, if you haven't already, could help increase your energy leadership.